socializing doesnt get any easy…

Introverts are not shy, they are reserved, I might be both.I am also oftenly checked on my ego. I also believe its a misunderstanding but now am too old to explain it. So the best advice I hear is try to be better but importantly be peace with who you are.

So i thought why not try n be outgoing and being in a totally new environment seemed to be just the right challenge I needed. I wasnt gonna walk into this unprepared so I picked up this book with phychological secrets on ‘How To Get Anyone To Do Anything’ by David Lieberman, its was really helpful, theoretically. It even has a whole chapter on how to Turn an Abnoxious person into your bestie, wow! Now since im not in any institution where I could get a lot of undecided young people to interract with and am also not good with crowded places with fun activities, my olny option was to be the creep stopping random people roadside and try to get them into a conversation. Now that to me was like asking a toddler to do a backflip.

Maybe Lieberman should have had a chapter on how to start conversations with peole who are busy and dont give two shits about your shitty social issues. That way maybe I would crack this code.

So my primary focus way girls -Couldnt be the guy starting small talks with guys, that is just super cringe, And I was also hoping to get a significant that you get me laid. I would profile them first before approaching I have also been reading pieces on how to accurately profile stangers; this one is pretty she definately gets a couple of dms that makeher feel like the price, this one is overdressed, this one did a good job on the make up- red flags dont get clearer than that, this one is + size thicker thighs than those that save lives, thick babes are mostly defensive……

I finally spotted an approachable target, recently done braids you could smell them from miles away, I said hi, she turned made eye contact said ‘poa’ in the most kikuyu accent and kept walking even faster, before i could gather my next statement she was four steps ahead , Hey am not the type to chase. And Iwas definately not walking up to anyone else.

the next day I picked one up she was nice-ish we exchanged numbers, Hey she even texted first, she was seemingly too excited about this than I was. after four days of enthusiasm i planned a meet up , not a date … She said she had plans with her boyfriend so yes blueticks afterwards. At least I initiated this one.


It’s fair to call me slightly conserved as I can’t stand how most phenomenal that I grew up being told they are taboos are now widely accepted.

We started with premarital sex, I would tell peers how my then girlfriend and I never smooched booties (did the deed) I was the 👽alien. It was funny even to my pastor. I hung onto the idea it was just ridiculous and when I tried to persuade her to let me hit! That was the beginning of the end for us.

It is safe to blame internet and what is being promoted there, Since sex sells and those PG rated films today should be R rated to be honest.

Weed is still deemed illegal in most parts of the world, however, you would loose count of music video, tv series, movies. Where it has been made just as common.

Weed is probably good, I know and I do enjoy the benefits, however it ain’t necessary to put it all out there. Because people will almost always emulate what these public figures are doing. I mean if LeBron James is smoking cigars and still performing at what rate how would you convince me to stop.

I think I’m falling out of love with love.

Do broke, unemployed people even got a say on love. Love is a beautiful thing that I believe everyone should experience at least once or twice in a lifetime, the vulnerability, trusting a total stranger with your whole lots of feeling, someone who can disappear in a whisker. To be honest the good times are really magical. Holding back because you don’t wanna scare them off. Then to being comfortable to fart in the same room. The beautiful conversation, it’s some rush we all need.

This generation will scare the lords. We had to be okay with LGBTQ+ understand that they are people with genuinely feeling and unnatural attractions. Then came transgenders who identify how they want when they want and now the straight ones are at loggerheads, divorces everywhere and Daamn these Gen Z so caught up with chasing and securing the bag dare talk about the love!!! Just get the money you’ve unlocked a whole bunch of problems, third world country problems.

Good luck to singles, singles are the most bitter ones. The dating scene today has playbooks, don’t be caught lacking. Problem with playbooks is you will never get the good ones, the innocent good, maybe. After seeing alot dating advice, influencers cum life coaches. All their bullshit advice is contradicting. If I was to go back to dating scenes my best advice would be the only one I knew as a teenager and that’s none, be yourself and you’ll find your person out there waiting 🤣🤣 fairy style. I really want to believe.

After you first love, which happens naturally you, should have already known where you go from there. In my case I knew I’m the loyal type. Loyal simply means jealous, so 2022 is a terrible era for my kind. Girls can’t be trusted with their lives, and even if you meet her checklist she may still leave. In fact she will 😅. Then they’ll joke about how the perfect ones are annoying, good guys finishing last, the spark wasn’t there anymore. I was told other girls will be lucky to have you. With this revelation am not looking for anything else other than meaningless sex with occasional conversations. Until I snap out of my ego and get ready to be vulnerable. But Hey if I get caught up Something must kill a man but who knows maybe I might be the one calling it off next time….Win The BrEaK up

politics extended…

So Raila did the petition thing and those political jitters are back like they never left.
the running mate, Martha in an address assured the bold millions of supporters that thus is just delayed victory, “it is coming home” she claimed. despite most Baba supporters having conceded defeat, at least mentally i start to see their hopes arise. the Azimio team feel they have enough evidence to face president elect William Ruto who seems to be assuming power just as expected , zoea hiyo sauti…
Of the seven top iebc officials, four came out to said they are not in consensus with Chebukati’s declaration at Bomas, the four iebc official led by queen of opaqueness, will definitely add some juice to the petition making it somewhat achievable. Chebu recently claimed Madam Sara was involved sexually with a big name in Azimio camp. LOL___ can not blame the fella the lady is Hella cute.
Aah religion and politics huh the two top phenomenal responsible for the blindness in Africa. And in this political times its hard to determine which comes first which second. so imagine both at once. I’ve been to church thrice in the past one and a half months. I am Anglical so that ole sapit stunt shook me as well, I don’t take these things too serious so i laughed it off. though i predicted the internet will skin him alive. shout out to that choir though they made me proud. I honestly hadn’t praised God that decently for a minute, let alone Kenya. so some Anglicans couldn’t bear with Ole they decided they ain’t going to church.
Huh, Wajackoyah guys just wish to get the herb close to legal.
honestly after seeing what Uhuru is taking home i understand why these politicians will stop at nothing to get these posts. Goodluck to Raila though some happy ending would be nice for his old ass. we’ll celebrate him either way.

Why am i single? — moonlit

Last week I was having a conversation with this guy, who asked me how I can be single (a question I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked) when I have a scenery that is so spectacular from head to toe. He went ahead to ask why there was no one […]

Why am i single? — moonlit

LEAH! you are single because you want to.

From reading her blogs-big btw fan- I assume she’s 25+ years old. A well brought up woman in her golden days knows a thing or two about operas. I would honestly want to bring up my kids with such mentality, knowing your worth and all lol. Leah believes only simps deserve the pussy but constantly keeps shouting at simps so simping. So she later clarifies she only wants simps with money.

I believe most guys love genuinely. In the above blog, GUY1 finally carries his balls to shoot. Since he is not a funny guy or cocky lacks a nice opening phrase. His palms are probably sweating, this situation is obviously not easy at least for him. He lands leading with his heart, hoping everything will work in his favor. Little does he know he’s dealing with a viper. His softly placed sentimental words”I LOVE YOU” are met with merciless replies. Mans is probably scared to shoot again.

utakuja kiniona lini is a faint shot every guy has to take once in a while to random girls, by now we all know the question really means ‘wanna fuck’. However, when girlfriend status is involved, it’s basically the guy crying for attention or telling you he is horny.

Dirty cradles are totally unacceptable, but he’s a dude. I see how you want each date to be quaint. We live in an actual world, dates, cost money, though these extreme economic times squeezing in a couple of dates with an average girl might leave very few guys willing to spend.

The blog honestly has some teachable moments I would advise guys to use it to learn a few more things about simping. She actually asks girls to understand that they are worthwhile and should not settle for dreamers but guys who would actually pay. When she says she can’t be giving out services for free, quickly reminded me a lot about conditional love. What happened to people who love each other trying to understand each other. I mean is it even more love or relationships are now based on the best nominee.


It’s like a rerun, though I don’t know which genre it is. Anytime anything major hits the headlines involving the youth it’s when we are having supper. Usually, it’s a hearty meal, a good time, well deserved after the day-long worries, struggles, and errands. We take our meals as a family, do mostly my dad will be glued to the TV, while the rest is adults on our phone screens, including my mom (though we’ve been told severally it’s not a proper thing to do) chatting away on random topics. The young ones are always lost in their world. My dad will always start ” what has become of the world today?” My mom always answers so absent-mindedly “what you see is just what it is!”

They will go on and on about the issue and relate it to others before and give their respective perspectives and reasons for their thoughts. The rest of us only chip in randomly or joke about the whole thing knowing so well what the consequences of running one’s mouth on such occasions result to; “being young and stupid and not knowing what life is.”

It’s not like my dad has anything against the young, but he’s one person who plans his things and lives by the book. The situation is made worse by the fact the “BOY CHILD” phenomenon is catching up with those he knows, including those of his blood that he’s raised, being a daddy to his precious daughters, he can’t help but worry about who they’ll be attracted to and/or end up with.

He is not the type to admonish his daughters publicly or unnecessarily, neither does he let down his grip on virtues and good upbringing. Either way, the boys make fun of everything he says and think that if he had a way he would reduce the voice of that of their kind; our generation because ” he’s too hard” on them. I think he knows we aren’t apathetic neither are we cut out from life’s realities, it’s how we choose to deal with them. He also knows that his daughters are fierce feminists as well as traditional women, just as he’s brought them up.

What he is scared of is his sons being part of a generation that degrades and objectifies women, men that are sissies, who don’t have the courage or tenacity to face life’s troubles. Men that have become irresponsible and unaware of their duties, men who hide beneath their mothers’ skirts instead of being at the forefront to defend them. A generation that has blurred vision. He fears for them, leaving them not ready for life. And no, he’s not a chauvinist!

I know if my brothers and their kind out here get a little more serious and responsible and he( my dad) gave them a little more time to prove themselves then we (the ladies) would stop feeling so helpless and caught in between.

Masculinity isn’t blurred nor dead, neither is feminism, they’ve just taken new forms and exist in different places. Consumer culture offers new ways of looking at male/female relations and power. It’s time we all became less judging and a little more condescending towards this whole thing!

Lynnette Majale

🤣🤣Jiheshimu bro

sex is not the ultimatum unfortunate enough I still believe in love. Cuddles, pillow talk, holding hands– I wish holding hands had that feeling it had when I was learning to love-. So these days people meet exchange numbers 🤣more rude borrow numbers get nasty call each other bae smash smash again get scared to commit breakup repeat. Then there is this annoying mentality ati after all tuliwachana Kama nishakula hio kitu –at least we broke up after I fucked her. 🙄It will end in tears 😊😊 I respect “casual” btw but honestly I can’t kiss a girl and not catch feels.

I think it’s fair to get to know people beyond you are a great kisser you are good in bed nonsense which btw is mostly lies. Due to enough experience to heartbreaks and mostly heartbreaks stories some girls tend to pose a hardcore no love lost no love found attitude mostly on social media but deep down they all want almost the same thing, love a shoulder to lean on someone to hear her crazy ideas.

Shooters shoot I think am petty and not egocentric i often get mad at myself for not giving shits and i also used to get sad when my phone is dry 😂I guess it’s true we all lowkey wanna be Instagram famous.

I do play basketball shooting guard position and I consider myself an above average shooter. Basically hoops are the only shots am taking this year. If I like you I’ll keep it inside watch over the fence of you like someone else okaaay I’ll keep it inside cry on my own. For two reasons basically. I fear rejection yes nimebebwa ufala one too many times and girls my age want the world to know we are dating before I even get it in my mind plus I am one broke guy 😂😫😭

I think I have out grown local comedies and rants from this kid Modesto but 100% of the time I feel his pain. Guys my need to understand you do not at all owe anything to a girl so kindly respect yourself. It’s okay to love and do things for your woman but in places where energy is not reciprocated focus on yourself we si wa Kwanza kupigwa na dryspell.